Just Stuff I Need To Write

Poetry, prose, free writing, philosophy and theses


Just stuff I need to write seems explanatory enough but a brief intro about me shouldn’t hurt…

My name is Craig J Hopkinson and I’m a writer, musician and digital marketer & blogger and for years I have used my passion for words in varying mediums. From rap music to promotion and event management.

However, I seldom create a space for my own work or music and in turn have spent years building local platforms for artists and musicians while I sat back, secretly jealous, as I have assisted those around me to do what I love. Create.

So, without prattling on too much, I invite you to head over to the blog section of the site and hopefully enjoy some of the work I’ve put on there. I have also added some contact details, so if you like what I do, or just want to get I touch, don’t be a stranger and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.




Apologies for the spammy adverts below, this is currently a free site to unload my mind farts and I’m not in a position to pay for the luxury of that vehicle having better wheels just yet!